Data Inspection group

Between group analysis (BGA) for roots in A. thaliana. The larger the distance between stress and control in the center the stronger the transcriptome response on this stress. Salt>Osmotic=Heat>Cold>Drought ....

The junior research group has been discontinued by 1 January 2013.

Research Interests


The focus of junior research group "Data Inspection" is the development of new methods of machine learning and probabilistic modeling for biological high-throughput data.


The ‚ÄúData inspection" (DI) Research Group financed by the Ministry of Culture of Saxony-Anhalt, XP 3624HP/0606T analyses a broad spectrum of high-throughput biological data sets. Our work begins where very large and/or heterogeneous data cannot be processed any more using standard statistical methods. The DI group takes a leading role in analyzing those sets with modern probabilistic modeling approaches in close cooperation with biological groups inside and outside of the IPK.