The e!DAL-API is a comprehensive storage system for primary data management. e!DAL stands for (electronical Data Archive Library) and implements a file system like storage backend. The main features are version and meta data management, data citations, support for information retrieval, persistent identifiers and its easy and modular integration into existing data frontends and information systems. The API has been designed and tested using experiences from several research projects and literature studies. e!DAL combines features known from file systems, database systems, content management systems and version control systems to one homogeneous storage backend. The modular implemented API supports an embedded use in stand-alone JAVA software or in server mode a data repository for collaborative, remote accessible data services. Thus, e!DAL is an efficient complement for data frontends, information systems and data management systems.


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Daniel Arend, Matthias Lange, Jinbo Chen, Christian Colmsee, Steffen Flemming, Denny Hecht, Uwe Scholz

[link]e!DAL - a framework to store, share and publish research data. 

BMC Bioinformatics 15(214), 2014.