Computer equipment

As the group image analysis is actively working on the processing of literally millions of images and terrabytes of data, powerful computer equipment and network access is essential.

Scientific group members use workstation class computers to develop and fine-tune modern, multi-parallel algorithms. These make it possible to process the large-scale data sets which are the results of the non-invasive imaging systems, detailed in the next section of this page.


Currently used workstation computers:

  • Mac Pro, 2x6 Core Intel Xeon, 32 GB RAM, Mac OS X 10.7
  • Dell Precision Workstation T7500, 1x6 Core Intel Xeon, 48 GB RAM, Windows 7

In addition, the large-scale data sets need to be processed using server computers:

  • Dell R810, 2x8 Core Intel Xeon (extensible to 4x8 core), 64 GB RAM, Scientific Linux 6.2
    • Used for image analysis and temporary data storage

As part of the automated imaging infrastructure (LemnaTec installations) the following equipment is in use:

  • 3 control computers
  • lemna-db - Suse Linux, main image database and control server
  • lemnaserver - Windows Server 2003, image analyis processing

Automated phenotyping infrastructure

At the IPK three installations for automated, non-invasive phenotyping purposes are installed. Our technical team member of the group image analysis is servicing these systems and is actively supporting any biological research group who is using these systems to perform their biological experiments.

§ The automated green houses have three camera systems installed, the phytochamber is equipped in addition with an IR camera:

-Fluorescence (~ GFP, chlorophyll)

Blue light illumination (400-500 nm)

Capturing filtered light (520-750 nm)

-Near-Infrared (~ water distribution)

Capturing near-infrared light (1450-1550 nm)

-Visible light (~ general phenotyping)

Capturing visible light (390-750 nm)

-Infrared (~ temperature)

Placed inside phytochamber



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