Object-oriented programming, design patterns and library use

The group image analysis develops new bioinformatics tools and algorithms according the object-oriented programming model. Object-orientation itself reaches its limits once the source code base reaches certain limits of complexity. Therefore, also software layers, software components and standardized software design patterns are considered and used during the development.


Algorithm and tool development is a time consuming task. Therefore, at any level the use of standardized APIs, libraries and existing external tools is needed to reduce the amount of work and to avoid the duplication of development effort. Fore these reasons, the main development platform of the group image analysis, the integrated analysis platform IAP, uses an extensive list of software libraries and is connected to a number of external tools:


Main (Java) libraries:

  • VANTED (which uses itself a large number of libraries)
    • Result of the PhD thesis of Dr. Klukas (see link)
  • ImageJ

Main externally connected tools:

  • Pdflatex
  • R statistics tool
  • GraphViz graph layouts