of research groups


Prof. Nicolaus von Wirén (Dept. Head)
[link]Molecular Plant Nutrition


Dr. Hans-Peter Mock 

[link]Applied Biochemistry


Dr. Michael Melzer
[link]Structural Cell Biology


Dr. Jochen Kumlehn

[link]Plant Reproductive Biology


Prof. Dr. Gotthard Kunze
[link]Yeast Genetics






Dept. Physiology and Cell Biology

Head:[link] Prof. Dr. Nicolaus von Wirén

Secretary: [link]Elmarie Fischer

Research Field: Applied physiology and cell biology 


Common research goals are the regulation of metabolic pathways and developmental processes in plants and unicellular expression systems aiming at the improvement of biotechnological applications or agronomically relevant traits in crops.

For this purpose, research groups in our department preferentially work with a physiological- biochemical orientation or employ molecular biological or cell biological approaches. 




Nutrient transport, sensing and metabolism are investigated in the research group [link]“Molecular Plant Nutrition” (Prof. Nicolaus von Wirén) with the primary goal to identify morphogenetic effects of nutrients or bottlenecks in the efficient acquisition and use of mineral elements. In the[link] “Applied Biochemistry” group (Dr. Hans-Peter Mock) proteome and metabolome profiles are generated from plant tissues to investigate stress responses in secondary metabolism. 

In the[link] “Yeast Genetics” group (Prof. Gotthard Kunze) different yeast species and strains are used to investigate degradation pathways of secondary metabolites or to develop hormone sensors for environmental monitoring. To improve biotechnological applications, the research group [link]“Plant Reproductive Biology” (Dr. Jochen Kumlehn) identifies key processes in pollen embryogenesis and establishes new transformation procedures for cereal crop plants. Microscopic analyses and methodological improvements in electron and confocal microscopy are provided by the [link]“Structural Cell Biology” group (Dr. Michael Melzer).