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Welcome to our PhD Student Board


I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot; together we can do great things.

- Mother Teresa -


The board was established as an initiative of PhD students several years ago. We are a self-organized team of PhD volunteers. Our motto: for the students, by the students.


We organize activities and events for PhD Students both at scientific and social levels. Scientific events like the [link]Plant Science Student Conference (PSSC) and the [link]PhD seminars are opportunities for improving your presentational skills as scientist as well as offering you the opportunity for discussions in a like-minded ambience.


We also want to offer you some space for networking and socializing with PhD students throughout IPK by planning social activities. Also, [link]IPK´s Club is open for everyone and perfectly meets the needs for colorful and memorable activities like barbecue, parties, cooking, etc.


If you are new and need some help, you will find it in our [link]Help Desk team.


The board welcomes every student, who like to join our team. Our goal is to meet a wide range of interests represented at the IPK. You will have fun and certainly, you will find good friends in our IPK student’s community.


You can contact the Student Board by writing a mail to [link]IPK.Psb(at)


We all can work, but together we win.