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11.08.2016 07:55 Alter: 4 yrs

Open Call: Beagle Award 2016

Submission Deadline: 11 September 2016

As Darwin was supported on his worldwide trip by his boat ‘HMS Beagle’ from 1831 to 1836, the [link]Beagle Award is dedicated to supporting young scientists at the beginning of their career. It is an appreciation of the scientific work and social commitments that are of importance to modern scientists. The Beagle Award is bestowed by the IPK Board of Directors and the [link]PhD Student Board on an annual term at the Institute’s Day (11.10.2016) of IPK. The award amounts to 1,500 €. Who can apply? Every PhD student who is or has been enrolled in the IPK PhD program can apply once over the course of his/her study until one year after receiving the doctoral degree. It is recommended to apply towards the end of the study period. [link]More Information