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01.12.2016 06:16 Alter: 4 yrs
Von: Regina Devrient

Veranstaltungsankündigung: 5th Quedlinburger Pflanzenzüchtungstage in combination with 18th Kurt von Rümker Vorträge and the GPZ Meeting of AG Genomanalyse

From 01.-03.03.2017 the Leibniz Institute of Plant Genetics and Crop Plant Research (IPK), Gatersleben, and the Julius Kühn-Institut (JKI), Quedlinburg will hold jointly the 5. Quedlinburger Pflanzenzüchtungstage in conjunction with the GPZ Meeting AG Genomanalyse. The theme of the conference will be the Status of translating genomics into application. The number of crop genomes is increasing almost on a daily basis. For some species we have shifted from sequencing single reference genomes towards characterizing core and dispensible genomes of a species, hence characterize the species pan-genome. It is time to review how far these technological innovations have changed our approaches in Breeding Research and Plant Breeding and to which extent results from crop genomics have been already efficiently transferred into crop improvement. The Society of Plant Breeding (GPZ), JKI and IPK invite you to participate in this two-day workshop (stretched over three days). Following the tradition of the Quedlinburger Pflanzenzüchtungstage we have embedded into the program the 18. Kurt von Rümker Vorträge – the famous format for the scientific newcomers to compete for the best lecture performance in the broader area of Plant Breeding Research.