MAVisto: Motif Analysis and VISualisation TOolkit

Motifs (patterns) in networks may represent building blocks of functional modules that carry out a relatively distinct function in biological networks. With MAVisto (Motif Analysis and VISualisation TOolkit) we are developing a framework for the analysis of motifs in networks. Mavisto is not restricted to the analysis of biological networks, but can be used to discover network properties in all kinds of networks. We are working on a flexible mechanism to specify motifs, an algorithm to recognize their multiple appearances in the target network, a motif preserving layout algorithm, and navigation techniques to explore the underlying structure of the network given by the motifs.


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F. Schreiber and H. Schwöbbermeyer. [link]MAVisto: a tool for the exploration of network motifs. Bioinformatics, 21(17):3572-3574, 2005.