In recent years, more and more attempts are being made to understand biological subjects at a systems level. A major resource for these approaches are biological databases, a variety of which has been designed to store manifold information. The use of these databases is often hampered by the fact that they are designed for special application areas and thus lack universality. Furthermore, the plant research field is often neglected.


To circumvent these problems we have designed Meta-All, a software that allows to store and access information about metabolic pathways, including reaction kinetics, detailed locations, environmental circumstances and taxonomic information. The Meta-All project is a cooperation of three research groups of IPK Gatersleben.


We provide the Meta-All information system for download and use. Meta-All was originally designed to run on an Oracle Enterprise Edition database, but also runs on the Oracle Express Edition, which can be downloaded at Oracle's Web site free of charge.


Meta-All requires Oracle DBMS and Oracle Application Express running. This can be either a commercial version of Oracle software or an Oracle Datebase 10g Express Edition, which is a freely available lightweight Oracle DBMS coming along with an integrated Application Express installation. The use of Oracle software depends on the license agreement provided by Oracle.


Meta-All itself is open source software, which can be used under the Apache license, version 2.0. [link]See Meta-All license agreement.

Download and installation

Step 1

Download the [link]Oracle Database 10g Express Edition at Oracle's Web site and install according to the installation instructions provided with the download. 

Step 2

Download the file, unzip it on your hard disk and follow the installation instructions provided in the file.


[link]2006-05-11: Meta-All v1.0 as zip file (142 KBytes)


[link]2006-09-19: Update on to version 1.1 as zip file (144 KB). Requires to download and install version 1.0 first


[link]2006-11-23: Update on to version 1.2 as zip file (130 KB). Requires to download and install versions 1.0 and 1.1 first

Database schema

The complete database schema v1.2 as a JPG file (3.2 MBytes) can be downloaded [link]here.


For further details please contact:  [link]Stephan Weise


S. Weise, I. Grosse, C. Klukas, D. Koschuetzki, U. Scholz, F. Schreiber and B.H. Junker. [link]Meta-All: a system for managing metabolic pathway information. BMC Bioinformatics, 7:e465, 2006.