LAILAPS is a search engine over life science and biological databases. It was designed for a fast, intuitive and reliable relevance ranking. As a complement to Web-search engines, like Google, or retrieval systems, like Entrez, semantic and content based ranking is done. LAILAPS provides the following features:

  • search engine over life science databases,
  • feature based relevance ranking,
  • simple one-click web interface,
  • user group specific ranking profiles,
  • learning of relevance features from user monitoring and quality ratings,
  • automatic synonym expansion of your query,
  • flexible embedding as search interface to your database(s).


[link]Open the Lailaps website in a new window.


For further details please contact: [link]Matthias Lange


M. Lange, K. Spies, J. Bargsten, G. Haberhauer, M. Klapperstück, M. Leps, C Weinel, R. Wünschiers, M. Weißbach, J. Stein, and U. Scholz. [link]The LAILAPS Search Engine: Relevance Ranking in Life Science Databases. Journal of Integrative Bioinformatics, 7(2):e110, 2010.