LIMS Light

In modern life science research it is very important to have an efficient management of high-throughput primary lab data. To realise such an efficient management, four main aspects have to be handled:

  • long term storage,
  • security,
  • upload and
  • retrieval.

With the LIMS Light system we have developed a primary data management system which provides an efficient storage system with a Hierarchical Storage Management System and an Oracle relational database. With our VPD Access Control Method we can guarantee the security of the stored primary data. Furthermore, the system provides high performance upload and download and efficient retrieval of data.


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For further details please contact: [link]Christian Colmsee


C. Colmsee, S. Flemming, M. Klapperst├╝ck, M. Lange, and U. Scholz. [link]A case study for efficient management of high throughput primary lab data. BMC Research Notes, 4(1):e413, 2011.