In 2011 a LIMS has been introduced. It takes care about used plant material, chemicals, seed stock, experiment documentation & measurements (files, discrete values).
The IPK LIMS use the software “LIMSOPHY”, a product if the Swiss company [link]AAC Infotray. The implementation, maintenance and administration are done by a LIMS-project team, headed by Dr. M. Lange.
Currently, LIMS managed date consist of

  • projects: 264
  • projects (underprojects):559
  • experiments: 3,050
  • managed raw data files: ~1,7 million
  • substances, plants, seeds: 99,795
  • measurements: ~4,6 million
  • chemicals: 5,296
  • probes: 2,328,506


Its future broad application as hub for a central documentation & data capture system is in focus of future research data management concepts2.
For further details please contact: [link]Matthias Lange

1D. Arend et al.: Data management experiences and best practices from the perspective of a plant research institute. In: Galhardas H, Rahm E (Eds.): Data integration in the life sciences: 10th international conference, DILS 2014, Lisbon, Portugal, 2014.

2Krajewski et al.: Towards recommendations for metadata and data handling in plant phenotyping. Journal Experimental Botany. 2015