PGP Repository

The Plant Genomics and Phenomics Research Data Repository (PGP) is the first productive instance of the e!DAL-API. It was initiated in frame of the DPPN project ([link]German Plant Phenotyping Network) as comprehensive infrastructure to publish plant research data. The repository covers in particular cross-domain datasets that are not being published in public repositories for reasons of data volume or data domain, such as images from plant phenotyping, genotyping data, visualizations of morphological plant models, data from mass spectrometry as well as software and related documents. The infrastructure is accepted as data repository for the ScientificData (Nature Publishing Group) and the GigaScience (Oxford Academic) Journal and is registered in "[link]", "[link]", [link] and [link]DataCite.



[link]PGP Projekt-Webseite


For further details or question, please contact: [link]Daniel Arend


Daniel Arend, Astrid Junker, Uwe Scholz, Danuta Schüler, Juliane Wylie & Matthias Lange  

[link]PGP repository: a plant phenomics and genomics data publication infrastructure. 

Database (2016), 2016.