Research Group Bioinformatics and Information Technology

Head: Dr. Uwe Scholz


The research group is engaged in the management of research data, in the implementation of integrated biological [link]information systems/data warehouses for performing in silico analyses, in the development of systems for information retrieval as well as in the provision of [link]bioinformatics tools (esp. sequence analysis and sequence annotation).




Within the scope of the German Network for Bioinformatics Infrastructure – de.NBI the research group coordinates the service unit GCBN (German Crop BioGreenformatics Network). Here the IPK bioinformatics is providing various [link]services and organizes bioinformatics [link]trainings for plant scientists.


The research group is contributing to the IPK research themes FSP1 "strategies for  the valorization of plant genetic resources" and FSP2 "genome diversity and evolution".


Furthermore, we actively take part in the education of students by giving [link]university lectures and supervising theses (Bachelor/Master) as well as internship reports.


Additionally, an important task of the group is the operation of central IT services, such as e-mail, network, file servers, archival storage and backup. Moreover, the individual support of scientific and non-scientific IT users is a central task.


Since 2011, the research group is in charge of the implementation of a laboratory information management system (LIMS) at the IPK.