Workgroup Biotrophy and Immunity

Head: Dr. Armin Djamei



Plant biotrophic pathogens evolved fascinating ways to manipulate their host plants and to keep the plant immune system under control. Over millions of years biotrophs co-evolved with their hosts and developed thereby specialized molecular tools and strategies of manipulation. Pathogen-derived secreted molecules central to this process are so called effectors, which are employed to interfere with the host immune machinery and to redirect development and metabolism of the host in favor of the invader.


Our mission : Learning from plant biotrophs  & developing protection strategies against crop-infecting biotrophs


The working group Biotrophy & Immunity aims to gain functional understanding of the molecular processes occurring during the biotrophic interaction between the pathogen and the host plant. For this purpose functional genomic, cell biological, biochemical, genetic and bioinformatic approaches are combined.