Current research projects


Quantitative disease resistance

(PI Dimitar Douchkov)


GeneBank2.0 (BMBF FKZ 031B0880)

We collaborate in the GeneBank 2.0 consortium to explore the untapped treasure of genetic diversity of wheat stored in the Federal ex situ Gene bank in IPK Gatersleben. Our lab is involved in the high-throughput precise powdery mildew resistance phenotyping of ~22 000 wheat accessions and candidate gene validation.

PrimedPlant 2. (BMBF FKZ 031B0886)

We are partner of the PrimedPlant 2 project for exploring the resistance priming potential of crops for enhancing the defense against pathogens and as a possible breeding target.


Effector research

(PI Prof. Dr. Armin Djamei)