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Pathogen-Stress Genomics lab

Group Leader: Dr. habil Patrick Schweizer


Main research objectives

Plants are often exposed to multiple stressors in the environment they are living in, and these can be both biotic as well as abiotic. Pathogenic microorganisms that can cause diseases are among the most important stress factors.


This led to the development of sophisticated defence- or resistance mechanisms in plants on the one side and to the development of highly potent effectors against such defense components in pathogens on the other side during the co-evolution of both interaction partners. Exploitation of the natural resistance mechanisms is one of the major goals of modern plant breeding and green gene technology aiming at the generation of durably resistant varieties. To achieve this goal, our knowledge of the underlying genes and molecular interactions must still be significantly improved.


The group Pathogen-Stress Genomics is interested in discovering and validating basal mechanisms of plant defense, thereby emphasizing on race nonspecificity and durability of resistance (e.g. nonhost resistance). For this aim we are using and combining methods of genetics as well as reverse genetics.