Requesting of Genebank Material

Requesting of Genebank Material

Ordering and specific inquiries regarding genebank accessions

Heike Ballhausen

Tel. ++49 (0)39482 5-109

Fax: ++49 (0)39482 5-155

Email: [link]gbis-bestellung(at)



General Inquiries about IPK Genebank and its information system (GBIS)

Email: [link]gbis-info(at)



Information about Gross Luesewitz Potato Collection

Klaus J. Dehmer, PhD

Head Research Group Sattelite Collection North

 Leibniz-Institute for Plant Genetics and Crop Plant research (IPK)

 Parkweg 3a

 D- 18190 Groß Lüsewitz

 Tel. ++49 (0)38209 80525

 Fax ++49 (0)38209 82313

 E-Mail: [link]glksmv(at)