Dr. Rhonda Meyer

Equal opportunities representative (head)

OT Gatersleben

Corrensstraße 3

06466 Seeland

Phone: +49 39482/5-257

Barbara Kettig

Equal opportunities representative (deputy)

OT Gatersleben

Corrensstraße 3

06466 Seeland

Phone: +49 39482/5-548

Dr. Susann Deike


of the Board of Directors

for Equal Opportunities

OT Gatersleben

Corrensstraße 3

06466 Seeland

Tel: +49 39482/5-870



MeCoSa-Program 2018

Workshop series on Social-Media-Networking starts in September

For detailed information please visit [link] FEM-Power am IPK or contact
[link]Susann Deike


The IPK actively promotes equality between women and men.

Duties and rights of the equal opportunities representatives

The equal opportunities representatives promote the equality between women and men at all levels of the IPK. To this aim, we work very closely with the management, the staff council and the human resources group. Our duties and rights are governed by the [link]Act on the Promotion of Women of the federal state of Saxony-Anhalt and the [link]Agreement on Equality between Women and Men of the Joint Science Conference (Gemeinsame Wissenschaftskonferenz – GWK). Key duties and rights are:

  • the implementation of measures on equality between women and men
  • elimination and prevention of disadvantages based on gender, esp. women
  • enhancement of the reconciliation of family, nursing care and working life
  • protection against sexual harassment at the workplace

As a consequence of these duties, we are involved in measures concerning human resources (e.g. recruitment, training), organizational issues (e.g. equality concept) and social issues. Within this context, we also provide advice and give support to individual staff members.


FEM-Power is a project initiated by the Federal State of Saxony-Anhalt with the aim to foster equal opportunities between women and men in science and research. The overall project is funded by the [link]EU’s ESF-Fund and promotes different targets, such as increasing the number of women in natural science, or increasing the proportion of women in professorships by special support programs. For further information on the statewide FEM-Power project, please visit [link] (Please note that the webpage will be launched on December 1st, 2017.)
The IPK uses the funding of the FEM-Power project for the establishment of an equal opportunities office within the framework of the “Gaterslebener equal opportunities program”. For detailed information on the activity of the equal opportunities office, please visit FEM-Power at the IPK.