Gwendolin Schneider


of the Board of Directors

for Equal Opportunities

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FEM-Power at the IPK

IPK’s ESF funded FEM-Power project “Gaterslebener equal opportunities program” aims at promoting women researchers in the academic mid-level and supporting them on the path to leading positions. This allows to tap into the full potential of best researchers.
Since October 2017, Susann Deike is employed on the project as Representative of the Board of Directors for Equal Opportunities. She works in close collaboration with the Board of Directors, the honorary equal opportunities representatives, the staff council, the human resources and the group leaders of the IPK.
To promote women in research in a focused and structured way, the project seeks to develop and implement measures in different areas of activity. Key areas in which the focus on the interests and needs of women will be increased, are, personnel recruitment and development and internal and external communication. Moreover, issues of the [link]reconciliation of family and working life will be considered more consistently in all areas.
We will inform you regularly about current measures and developments of the project on this webpage. In addition, [link]Gwendolin Schneider will be happy to answer your questions and provide you further information.



Programs to promote the career of women in science

For many years, universities, extramural research institutes and foundations have provided Mentoring-Programs to foster the career of women in science. Usually these programs consist of several program modules covering mentoring, coaching, networking and workshops on key qualifications (e.g. leadership skills, proposal writing and funding). Such structured and comprehensive promotion enables women scientists to develop their career in a goal-oriented manner. The universities in Saxony-Anhalt and the Leibniz Association provide Mentoring-Programs in which women scientists of the IPK can participate!

  • The Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg provides three different Mentoring-Modules specifically addressing the requirements of different qualification phases: 1. (advanced) PhD, 2. PostDoc, 3. Professorship. The current program starts in June 2018. MLU–Mentoring-Module
  • The Coordination Office Gender Research & Equal Opportunities Saxony-Anhalt provides the MeCoSa-Program that is funded by the EU’s ESF-Fund. In this program, the different modules can be chosen individually and in a flexible way. It is possible to join the program at any time. The current workshop program for 2018 can be found here.
  • The Leibniz Association provides women scientists who work at a Leibniz Institute, with the opportunity to participate in the Leibniz-Mentoring-Program. The Leibniz Association currently evaluates the Mentoring-Program. Therefore, the next cohort will start in fall 2018. General information about the Leibniz-Mentoring-Program can be found on the webpage of the Leibniz Association. Leibniz-Mentoring

For further information, please contact [link]Gwendolin Schneider. She will be happy to answer your questions and to help you with your application!