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Federal Ex situ collection and access to its Genetic Resources

Totaling 151002 accessions from 2933 species and 776 genera the IPK Genebank holds one of the largest collections of crop plants and their wild relatives.


The conservation activities represent an important contribution to curb the loss of both biodiversity and genetic diversity. The collection management includes conservation, characterization and evaluation of the collection as well as the management of data and information related to plant genetic resources.

In addition the Genebank provides seed samples and plant material to a wide user community spread all over the world.

Storage of plant material

The vast majority of the collection is stored as dry seed at -18° C.  Conservation of vegetatively propagated accessions is facilitated through permanent cultivation in the field or by means of in vitro culture or cryo conservation in liquid Nitrogen (-196° C). In addition to the living collections, the Genebank provides of ample  [link]botanical reference collections.

Requesting Material

The Genebank Information System represents an online portal that allows for sifting the list of accessions along with their corresponding passport data and axillary information, where available. Individual accessions can be marked and [link]ordered online based on the prior acceptance of the access and benefit sharing conditions outlined in the Standard Material Transfer Agreement (sMTA) of the FAO.

For specific inquiries, please use the following [link]link.