Collections of Oil and Fodder Crops at Malchow/Poel

The Satellite Collections North at its location at Malchow on the island of Poel are specialized on plant genetic resources of oil and fodder crops. This reflects the local breeding and research activities in these crops.




14.266 accessions from 90 countries, of these:

  • grasses: 10.451 accessions/131 species/11 genera from 61 countries
  • oil crops: 2.480 samples/19 species/4 genera from 76 countries
  • legumes: 1.335 accessions /5 species/2 genera from 63 countries


Maintenance and multiplication:


The accessions are stored as seeds in special cold rooms in order to maintain their germination ability over several decades.

The long-term conservation of seeds is being conducted at -5°C for the active collection and at -20°C for the base collection, respectively. In addition, safety duplicates are stored externally (since 2000 at IPK Gatersleben and since 2008 in the global seed vault at Svalbard/Norway, respectively).

The multiplication of the accessions is performed according to European guidelines for genetic resources of oil and fodder crops in isolation plots or small greenhouses outdoors or in a cabin greenhouse in order to safeguard a genetically largely identical reproduction.