Gross Luesewitz Potato Collections

Until 1992, the collections of potato genetic resources in Gross Luesewitz were an integral part of the Institute for Potato Research (IfK) founded in 1949 and maintain more than 6.200 samples from almost 70 countries.



  • Collection of Cultivated Potatoes with appr. 2.750 varieties and breeding lines (KKS)

  • Collection of short day adapted accessions (AKS; mainly of Andean and Central American origin, seven Solanum species, appr. 600 accessions) 

  • Wild Potato Collection (WKS) with 2.850 accessions from more than 130 species, almost exclusively from South and Central America



Maintenance and multiplication:

The vegetative maintenance/multiplication of the Cultivated Potato Collection, as well as of the South and Central American clones is mainly conducted via in vitro culture, partially also in the field (here among others evaluations, controls of purity of varieties and tuber multiplication for distribution to interested parties). As additional conservation technique, cryo conservation of potato meristems is applied in the IPK research group ‘Cryo and Stress Biology’. The continuation of the WKS accessions is usually achieved generatively via the generation of seeds in the greenhouse.