European Core Collection of Garlic

The European Core Collection of Garlic is a collection of 202 garlic accessions hosted by three genebanks in Europe and stored in cryopreservation. IPK contributes to this collection with 61 accessions. They are already included into the [link]AEGIS European Collection, which is operated as a virtual European genebank. This genebank is composed of European Accessions conserved for the long term by the AEGIS Associate Members on behalf of the ECPGR Member countries. It is available for use or conservation only for the purposes of research, breeding and training for food and agriculture. European Accessions are conserved in accordance with technical standards agreed upon at the ECPGR level, based on the principles of the AEGIS Quality System (AQUAS). European Accessions are available upon signature of the Standard Material Transfer Agreement (SMTA). Requests should be addressed to the respective holding institute listed in [link]EURISCO