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Nagel Dr. Manuela
ORCID iD icon0000-0003-0396-0333
+49 39482 5-156

Lab Technicians

Nachname Titel Vorname E-Mail Adresse Telefonnummer
Freist Sibylle +49 39482 5-768
Gruebe Marion
ORCID iD icon0000-0003-2220-1981
+49 39482 5-123
Koepnick Claudia
ORCID iD icon0000-0002-5539-3417
+49 39482 5-117


Dr. Manuela Nagel

OrcID [link]0000-0003-0396-0333

PhD Students

[link]M Sc. Kamatchi Ulagappan

OrcID [link]0000-0002-0396-0731

since October 2014

"Towards understanding abiotic stress tolerance in garlic cryopreservation: convergence of transcriptomics and metabolomics approaches"

[link]M Sc. Daniela Impe

OrcID [link]0000-0003-4547-1001

since July 2016

"Wheat pollen viability and storability"

Scientific assistants

M Sc. Claudia Köpnick

OrcID [link]0000-0002-5539-3417

since July 2016

Dipl.-Ing. Agr. Marion Grübe

OrcID [link]0000-0003-2220-1981

Cryopreservation of potato

since 1999

Sibylle Freist

Cryopreservation of garlic and shallots
since 1995

Kerstin Wolf

Experiments in cryopreservation and pollen storage

since 2009


Willi Retzlaff

since 2018

Guest Scientist

Dr. Joachim Keller

Dr. Angelika Senula

OrcID [link]0000-0001-8514-2347

since 2002



Former members

Helena Victoria Peter

August 2019 till January 2020

Bachelorthesis "Oxidative stress und programmed cell death during cryopreservation of potato shoot tips"

Alina Marie Werner

July 2019 bis October 2019

Bachelorthesis "Cryopreservation of duckweed"

Marius Gerres

1. Year of Apprenticeship, Biological Technical Assistant

since February 2019

M Sc. Mona Khazaei

July 2018 - December 2019

Experiments on cryopreservation of Craterostigma

Natalie Vogelgsang

August 2019 till September 2019

Dual Students "Induction of osmotic stress during in vitro growth of Arabidopsis plants"

Dr. Myroslava Rubtsova

March 2019 till August 2019

OrcID [link]0000-0002-5950-5914



Thomas Gan

November 2018 till May 2019
In cooperation with Dr. Lars Otto (Quantitative Genetics)
Bachelorthesis: Vitalität und Langzeitlagerung von Kamille

Sofie Westerhoff

February 2019 till March 2019
Duale Studentin, Experiments on cryopreservation of duckweed

Ralf Schulze-Brüning

April 2018 till January 2019

Masterthesis: Comparison of statistical approaches to predict seed longevity

[link]Dr. Johanna Stock

OrcID [link]0000-0002-1486-2758

January 2014 till December 2018

Applied Biochemistry (ABC) & Cryo and Stress Biology (CSB)

"Cellular stress responses during cryo-induced stress in Arabidopsis shoot tips"

M Sc. Philip Rabenau

March 2018 till July 2018

Masterthesis: Comparisons of costs of field regeneration and seed storage under cold and ultra-low temperature storage (-196 °C)

Linda Ries

3. Year of Apprenticeship, Biological Technical Assistent

February 2017 till July 2018

Franziska Hartmann

2. Year of Apprenticeship, Biological Technical Assistent

September 2017 till May 2018

M Sc. Janka Reitz

October 2017 till March 2018

Masterthesis: Physiological und biochemichal evaluation methods to determine viability of cereal pollen

Wiebke Niebel

Duale Studentin, February till March 2018

Topic: Development of a growth media and of viability tests for camomile pollen

B Sc. Aeneas Bräutigam

September 2017 till February 2018

Bachelorthesis: Cryopreservation of potato accessions - Relationship between drought in the field and osmotic stess during cryopreservation.

B Sc. Angelina Scherer

OrcID [link]0000-0003-0320-6963, April till September 2017

Bachelorthesis: Statistical analysis of regeneration propability of cryopreserved crop explants

M.Sc. Abdolhamid Rouina

July 2017
DAAD Proposal: The effect of endophytes during cryopreservation

Judith Kappermann

Duale Studentin, February till March 2017

Topic: "Genotypic differences in the regeneration of Arabidopsis shoot tips after cryopreservation"

B Sc. Shao Yu Wang

OrcID [link]0000-0001-5567-2371, October 2016 till May 2017

Bachelorthesis: Qualitative and quantitative analysis of potato regeneration growing on different recovery media after cryopreservation



Doris Büchner

Technical Assistent

Sept. 1995 till Dec. 2016