Research Group Genebank Documentation

Head: Dr. Stephan Weise 

Research Interest

The Group is developing and operating IT-based information systems for plant genetic resources (PGR) with the aim of providing information on PGR for researchers, breeders and other users, and of supporting the work processes in the genebank.


The activities focus on the further development of the [link]Genebank Information Gystem (GBIS) with its components, GBIS/M (internal management system) and GBIS/I (on-line search and ordering system), as well as the development of the [link]European search portal for plant genetic resources (EURISCO).


The Group is also participating in the development of international information networks on PGR and biodiversity informatics. In addition, various international biodiversity-related databases are maintained and further developed. The Group is also running the IPK weather station.