GBIS: Genebank Information System

The [link]genebank information system (GBIS) is the central software for the management of genebank accessions. All information is being registered into the system by the genebank staff via the subsystem GBIS/M. The system supports the processes of storage, reproduction, control and delivery of seeds and plants. Another subsystem, GBIS/I, offers world-wide on-line access to passport data (information on the identity, history, geographical origin and botanical classification of the material) of the 150,927 accessions (as of 5 November 2018), including the Satellite Collections North in Gross Lüsewitz (potatoes) and Malchow/Poel (oil and fodder crops).

Increasingly, characterization and evaluation (C&E) data of selected crop species are being published via GBIS/I.

Genebank data are being provided to international PGR databases for inclusion. Passport data from the genebank are also integrated in the biodiversity network [link]GBIF (Global Biodiversity Information Facility) via a web service.

The development of GBIS began in the frame of the Genebank Fusion Project (2002-2006) and has since been continued with IPK core staff. GBIS replaced the previous systems in Gatersleben (since the late 1980s), Malchow (since 1992), and Gross Lüsewitz. In connection with the inclusion of the former Braunschweig Collection (2002-2006), the data from its local documentation system were also included.

The Group is aiming at continuously adapting GBIS to new users' and technical requirements. A fundamental revision of the front-end systems is in progress.

GBIS is being developed using Oracle Framework techniques.

GBIS/I: Internet-based search and ordering system of the genebank

Since mid-2006, the bilingual Internet-based search and ordering system [link]GBIS/I (I=Information, internet) is accessible. External users can retrieve information about the genebank material (passport as well as C&E data) in different ways and download them.

Users can order seed and planting material as well as material stored in vitro from the genebank, using a shopping-cart system. The Standardised Material Transfer Agreement (sMTA) can be signed using a click-wrap method.

Via this interface, a large proportion (currently 85%) of the external seed orders is being processed.

GBIS/M: Internal management system of the genebank

GBIS/M centralizes the genebank data management and supports the daily work processes of the genebank staff. It is supporting the internal workflows in the genebank, including the Satellite Collections North, especially in the following areas:

  • passport data management
  • seed management (barcode-based)
  • preparation of sowing for seed rejuvenation
  • management of taxonomic data
  • material request management (including handling fee)
  • management of C&D data
  • germination tests and determination of thousand-grain weight
  • powerful search and grouping functions (list management)
  • printing and reporting features (e.g., field and herbarium labels, sowing lists, fieldbook sheets).

The C&E data observed during seed regeneration (scorings, ratings) are continuously being recorded, in collaboration with the Group Resources Genetics and Reproduction. For this purpose, scoring data are registered using mobile devices (pocket PCs, tablets) and the subsystem GBIS/B (B=“Bonitur”, i.e. scoring, observation). 


M. Oppermann, S. Weise, C. Dittmann, H. Knüpffer (2015) [link]GBIS – The Information System of the German Genebank. Database (Oxford), 2015:bav021.