Interesting Links

[link]Barley sequencingpresentation on 'Next Generation Barley Genomics' at 5th International Conference on Next Generation Genomics and Integrated Breeding for Crop Improvement (2015)
[link]DivSeekDivSeek will unlock the potential of crop diversity stored in genebanks around the globe and make it available to all so that it can be utilized to enhance the productivity, sustainability and resilience of crops and agricultural systems.
[link]YouTubeResearch at IPK: Drought-Hardy Barley Could Save Your Beer

The Plant Genomes' Day took place at the Pierre Baudis Congress Centre in Toulouse (France), on June 4th 2014. Watch or rewatch all Plant Genomes' Day conferences !


Outline of the barley pan-genome project SHAPE funded by the German Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) (031B0190) (in German only)


[link]DIVSEEK WEBINARbarley genebank genomics and pan-genome analysis