Dr. Klaus J. Dehmer
IPK-Genbank/Groß Lüsewitzer Kartoffel-Sortimente (GLKS)
Leibniz-Institut für Pflanzengenetik und Kulturpflanzenforschung (IPK)
Parkweg 3a
18190 Groß Lüsewitz


Tel. +49 38209 80525
Fax  +49 38209 82313
E-Mail: [link]glksmv(at)

The IPK Potato collections at Gross Luesewitz (GLKS)


information on requests and material deliveries


Besides the maintenance of old varieties, landraces, breeding lines and wild populations – our collections contain approximately 6,200 samples and consist of a cultivar collection with appr. 2,750 samples, a collection of appr. 600 mainly short-day adapted, Southern American landraces, and a wild species collection with almost 2,850 accessions - the GLKS also distribute tubers from field cultivation to interested persons; the respective tuber list can be found [link]here. In addition, seeds of our wild accessions are available in limited numbers. However, these only yield – if at all – only small, often inedible wild species tubers.


By private requesters, normally only tubers can be ordered. As standard, three tubers per accession are distributed, orders should not contain more than ten accessions. For material transfers, a so-called standard material transfer agreement ([link]SMTA) has be endorsed both by the recipient and by IPK. This can be done either electronically during a [link]GBIS order via the internet (tubers = ”vegetative material“) or by signing a printed SMTA.

Finally, we would like to inform you that since July 1st, 2016, a [link]handling fee applies for deliveries from the IPK Genebank.

Additonal information is available at the address on left (also mail address for orders):