Leitung: [link]Sabine Löffler

Mitarbeiter: [link]Arbeitsgruppe Einkauf


The purchasing working group is responsible for buying consumables, equipment and apparatuses including large items of equipment for the whole institute. It is also responsible for making all kinds of service agreements.


The commissioning of construction projects on the Campus of the institute as well as the procurement for the two locations in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (partial collections of the gene bank departments in Malchow and Groß-Lüsewitz) are further focal points of the work of the purchasing working group.


The main task of the working group is the efficient procurement of goods and services and the commissioning of construction projects for IPK sites with consideration for the laws and regulations applying to publicly supported organisations. The range of tasks includes advising users in the selection of the most advantageous competitive tendering procedures, market analyses, the compilation and examination of specifications and bills of quantities, the processing and evaluation of offers, the selection of suitable assessment methods and criteria, contract negotiations and the design of contracts as well as following up their implementation. The purchasing working group will be organising and coordinating the tasks of IPK’s central allocation office.


In addition, the purchasing working group will also be responsible for centrally checking the goods arriving at IPK as well as for managing a small warehouse of office material, hygiene articles and various chemical-technical products.


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