IPK Crop Plant Research Fellowships

(Bachelor-, Master-Thesis / Internship)


The IPK offers opportunities in graduate research on the highest level. Within this academic scholarship, you will work closely with an expert supervisor on a specific research topic. A wide range of potential projects is available. Please check on this site for a research topic you might be interested in and contact the respective group leader.


You fit to us:

  • You have a strong interest in the fields of plant genetics, physiology, taxonomy or bioinformatics.
  • You are highly motivated and communicative and have a good command of English language.

We offer you:

  • You will receive a compensation as a student research assistant for a max. of 6 months. (The requirement for a position as a student research assistant is the enrolment at a University or College).
  • Accomodation at your expences near campus (upon request and upon availability).


Our Projects




Development of sequence assembly methods for large plants genome

Assembling a highly contiguous and accurate reference genome sequence is a prerequisite for genetic and functional studies at the whole-genome level. As sequence technologies evolve, researchers can select from a plethora of...[mehr]


Design and implementation of generic RESTful-APIs for omics databases

The thematic frame for theses is the design and implementation of RESTful services that open institutional databases to provide self-describing data access. A reference implementation should be realized in a JVM-based programming...[mehr]


Development of CRISPR-based methods suitable for life imaging of chromosomes

Elucidating how the genome is spatio-temporally organised inside the nucleus is imperative to understand the regulation of genes and non-coding sequences during development. Emerging techniques of chromatin imaging promise to...[mehr]


Isolation und Charakterisierung von spezifischen rekombinanten Antikörpern gegen das Zentromer-spezifische Histon H3 (CENH3) der Kuherbse (cowpea, vigna unguiculata)

Wir suchen eine/einen Studentin/Studenten der Biologie, der Biochemie oder eines verwandten Faches für eine Masterarbeit mit dem Arbeitstitel „Isolation und Charakterisierung von spezifischen rekombinanten Antikörpern gegen das...[mehr]


Live-cell analysis of H3K27me3 in plant development

Histone H3 lysine 27 trimethylation (H3K27me3) is a key epigenetic mark in many organisms, important for transcriptional control. Biochemical techniques and next generational sequencing have been widely applied to detect...[mehr]


Flowering-time variation in autopolyploid Arabidopsis

Autopolyploidy is formed by whole genome duplication and occurs throughout the evolutionary history of many plants. Both natural and artificial autopolyploid plants delay in flowering time very often. The delay in flowering time...[mehr]


Multimodal Plant Image Analysis

The Image Analysis group seeks B.S./M.S. students for the following research topics:[mehr]