PhD Seminars

These seminars will provide the opportunity to report on own research area as well as on a “hot topic”. To date, the PhD seminar is the main focus of the program. This seminar is organized and maintained by the PhD candidates themselves. The PhD seminars are announced via e-mail to the PhD mailing list and by flyers. The seminars take place Thursdays at 15:00 o'clock, about twice every month. The seminars are not only a source of new information about scientific topics but also a good opportunity to meet your peers. 

[link]PhD seminar calendar

 A regular PhD seminar includes talks from two doctoral candidates that differ in the objective, namely:

  • Seminar (20 to 30 minutes)


The regular seminar is held by PhD students themselves about a topic free of choice. We strongly recommend that PhD students choose and review a topic from the literature that is of high general interest. It can be related to your own PhD work, but you should not repeat the state-of-the-art of your thesis. It might be possible to present the general idea or topic of your study and give any general information. At the end you can mention as example your own results (not more than 3 slides).

The presentation of the seminar should be about 30 minutes and will include all references. As a listener you should be able to grasp the major points of the topic and be able to discuss the topic with other scientists.

  • Hot Topic (5 to 10 minutes)


A hot topic is a subject that a scientist should have heard about since this topic is in the current focus of important journals (e.g. Nature, Science) or meetings. Furthermore, a hot topic can also be a new revolutionary technique. You may learn about hot topics from discussions with other scientists or by reading Nature, Science and so on. Hot topics do not necessarily need to be related to the plant field!

Presentation of the hot topic is short and will include the references. As a listener you will probably not understand immediately everything about the topic, but you are informed, you learned the keywords and you will know where to search for more information.