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Research Library and Information Services

The library of the Leibniz Institute of Plant Genetics and Crop Plant Research (IPK) is a scientific special library with a collection holding over 80.000 media units.

Main task of the library is to supply the IPK staff with literature.

As a public library all services are also available for external users, this especially concerns the external companies that are located on the IPK Campus.
The participation in the leibniz-consortium enables the online access to numerous scientific journals.

The collection of the library is focused on the following subjects: botany, plant genetics, cytology, cell & tissue culture, molecular cell biology of plants, agricultural crop farming, plant taxonomy and crop plant research.
Especially to point out is the collection of flora, which is special taxonomic literature that describes plant species.

The library is part of the Interlibrary-loan-system with the sigel „GAT1“