Advancement of the bioanalytical infrastructure

The development of novel bioanalytical methods is an essential part of our work in the various projects funded by DFG and BMBF. In particular, we work on: (1) improvement of imaging tools for plants using NMR/MRI, (2) biochemical methods for micro sampling using novel Orbitrap technology (LC/MS), (3) FTIR-microscopy for the analysis of spatial gradients in sugars, hormones and more, (4) methods for the high throughput screening of seeds using NIRS, TD-NMR and robotized sample delivery systems.

Examples of important method developments are given by Melkus et al., (Plant Biotech J 2011), Fuchs et al. (Plant Physiology 2013), Borisjuk et al. (Plant Cell 2013), Rolletschek et al. (Plant Biotech J 2015), Munz et al. (New Phytologist 2017), and G√ľndel et al. (Plant Physiology 2018).