Automated plant phenotyping

Group Leader: Dr. Kerstin Neumann


Our research focusses on the assessment of fast single-factor acclimation processes in response to changing and fluctuating environmental conditions in crops (such as maize) and model plants (such as Arabidopsis). We study environmental factors with high relevance for plant performance (e.g. temperature and light).


For our research we use modern methods of [link]high throughput plant phenotyping under controlled conditions in glasshouses and phytochambers. These offer the precise and reproducible regulation of relevant environmental factors and enable the quantitative assessment of the dynamics of plant growth, architecture and physiology. For the elucidation of acclimation underlying processes, we perform integrated analyses of dynamic phenotypic parameters in the context of genetic and further molecular information.


Together with the [link]Research Group BIT we work on the implementation of a data management system for the standardized documentation, sustainable storage and dissemination of phenomics datasets according to FAIR principles. We are involved in the transnational [link]MIAPPE consortium aiming at the harmonization of phenomics and multi-omics datasets.


Our work is deeply embedded into the [link]MOG research area '[link]Growth dynamics' and into the [link]IPK research themes 4 and 1: ‚Growth and Metabolism‘ and ‘Strategies for the Valorization of Plant Genetic Resources‘, respectively.


Together with the [link]Research Group Heterosis we manage and coordinate the IPK Phenomics research infrastructure. In the frame of the [link]German Plant Phenotyping Network (DPPN) we extend IPKs phenomics facilities which are accessible through collaboration as well as transnational access projects ([link]EPPN2020).






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International Controlled Environment Plant Phenotyping Group

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[link]COST Action FA1306 Phenomenall

'The quest for tolerant varieties: phenotyping at the plant and cellular level'




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