Research project

Development of high throughput technology for evaluation of seed quality and fitness

Control of “biomass composition” is important for prediction/ evaluation of energetic value of plants. Carbohydrates, protein and oil are the key parameters.  New developments in NMR enable to measure these major storage products in plant material non invasively. Unfortunately, protocols are available only for limited number of crops (e.g. oilseed rape) and methodology should be improved to be applied on a wider range of plants. Method is not restricted to seed material. High throughput method for measurement lipid non invasively using MQ60 NMR system is currently established in our laboratory (Borisjuk et al., 2011). We succeed in adjustment of non invasive TD NMR (Bruker GmbH) technology for the study of biodiversity (i.e. Genebank collections, population screenings).Currently we are improving the methods toward to monitor oil, carbohydrate and protein content in intact dry seeds with the “throughput 1 sample per min”.

Measurements of lipids in wide range of seed using low field NMR MQ60:

correlation of NMR data and conventional analysis. Seed/grain investigated by NMR were from Chusan palm, black locust, soybean, oilseed rape, wheat, oat  and barley.


Borisjuk L, Rolletschek H, Fuchs J, Melkus G, Neuberger T. (2011). Recent applications of ‘low field’ and ‘high field’ magnetic resonance in seed research. Materials 4: 1426-1439