We look for highly motivated people with expertise in systems biology and high-throughput data analysis. In case you are interested in joining us, please contact

Dr. J. Szymanski ([link]szymanski[at]


We also offer mentoring for undergraduate students with biology and/or programming background. The following topics are currently available for Bachelor and Master Students:


#1 - RNAseq analysis of developing wheat seeds

#2 - Regulatory network inference from eQTL data

#3 - Gene expression analysis of jasmonate-modulated signalling cascade mutants

#4 - Flux balance analysis of lipid conversions in plant tissues

#5 - Construction of a compartmentalized metabolic map of a plant metabolic model using Escher to visualize metabolic fluxes

#6 - Metabolic modelling and (dynamic) analysis  using Petri Nets and Model Checking

#7 - Development of user-features for BioModelKit

#8 - Construction of modules (sub-models of molecular mechanisms in the form of Petri nets) from plant-based case studies to fill the BioModelKit