(1) mRNA isolation and amplification at the micro scale for 

  • transcript profiling
  • new generation transcriptome sequencing.

(2) Laser-assisted microdissection and subsequent transcript and metabolite profiling

LAM-based RNA-seq to analyse the transcriptome of 

  • developing barley grain and spike tissues
  • remobilizing tissues
  • N-transporter genes
  • phloem and transfer tissues from the whole plant

Metabolite profiling at the micro-scale is done in cooperation with David Riewe, Ag Heterosis.


Citation: Thiel et al., 2011; Brandt et al., 2018

(3) Histological methods

  • mRNA in situ hybridization
  • TUNEL assay (in cooperation with Diana Weier, Leibniz Institute for Plant Biochemistry, Halle, Germany).

 (4) Protein-protein interaction studies by bimolecular fluorescence complementation (BiFC)

(5) CO2-enrichment platform under field-like conditions

Enrichment of CO2 environment under field-like conditions with an automated system that monitors and adjusts the CO2 flow rate and concentration constantly.