Individual Projects

(english only)

  • Project 1: Genome-wide association mapping to genetically dissect yield components in barley (Prof. Andreas Graner/Dr. Benjamin Kilian, Gene Bank, IPK)
  • Project 2: Dissection and cloning of genetic factors determining grain yield components from wild barley introgression lines (Prof. Klaus Pillen, MLU, Nat. Fac. III, Plant Breeding)
  • Project 3: Whole-genome association genetics for determining floret fertility during the reproductive phase in bread wheat (Dr. Thorsten Schnurbusch, BMBF-Junior Research Group Plant Architecture, IPK and Dr. Marion Röder, Genome Mapping, IPK) 
  • Project 4: Heterosis fixation in wheat and barley using apomixis candidate genes (Dr. Tim Sharbel, Apomixis, IPK)
  • Project 5Regulation of tiller formation by abscisic acid in barley (Dr. Nese Sreenivasulu, IZN-Junior Research Group Stress Genomics, IPK and IZN)
  • Project 6: Stimulation of root growth and grain yield by increased sucrose transport capacity in roots of barley and wheat (Dr. Winfriede Weschke, Seed Development, IPK)
  • Project 7: Phytohormonal and metabolic regulation of root activity during plant senescence and grain filling (Prof. Nicolaus von Wirén, Molecular Plant Nutrition, IPK)
  • Project 8: Regulation of leaf senescence and photosynthetic capacity (Prof. Klaus Humbeck, Plant Physiology, MLU, Nat. Fac. I)