Core elements of the IPK Graduate Program

(english only) 


[link]Study Record Book: Each PhD student keeps a Study Record Book to provide evidence of his/her mandatory attendance of the modules such as lectures within the IPK Graduate Program. The research proposal, the corrected and updated research proposal and the annual reports are integral parts of the Study Record Book. The Research proposal as a binding target agreement between a PhD student and her/his supervisors including the mentor it will contain an introduction to the subject, the main objectives of the doctoral study and the envisaged experimental approaches for the current or next phase of the doctoral project.

Lectures on different topics (twice a month): Lectures will be given by lecturer and scientists employed by IPK as well as invited external lecturers. Lectures will introduce the PhD students to the theoretical basics of the most important scientific research fields  at IPK or other research institutes and universities. 

Scientific (technical) courses: During a 2-5 day course, PhD students are exposed to and become familiar with new methods including include genetic, biochemical and/or cell biological approaches to promote methodological skills and background knowledge in various fields of Plant Biotechnology. Each year several courses are offered on different topics. Each PhD student must attend at least two of these courses (with different thematic orientations).


Auxilliary non-scientific courses (Transferable skills): Each year These courses are mainly offered as internal workshops. PhD students of IPK can also register for courses offered by INGRA. For further information read more [link]here

The aim of the courses is to provide knowledge and skills in the following areas:

a) how to apply successfully for funding;

b) how to communicate with the public;

c) how to write a paper, publication strategies;

d) how to give a good talk and answer questions 


[link]PhD Seminars: These seminars will provide the opportunity to report on own research area as well as on a “hot topic”. This seminar is organized and maintained by the PhD candidates themselves. The seminars take place Thursdays at 15:00 o'clock, about twice every month. 

[link]PhD seminar calendar


Progress Seminars: PhD students must present the results of their own scientific work in the Progress Seminar of their department at least once per calendar year. The seminars are organized and announced by the individual departments.

A regular participation in seminars is expected. 


Student Board: Is one of the platforms organized by PhD students for the students at IPK. The Student Board is involved with the organization of the social and scientific events within the scope of the IPK Graduate Program. 


Plant Science Student Conference (PSSC): Once a year, the conference will be organized by the PhD Student Board at IPK with the [link]IPB in Halle and the Faculty of Natural Sciences I and III, [link]Martin-Luther University Halle-Wittenberg


Conferences/ International meetings: Participation in meetings and conferences allows exchanging scientific information, knowledge and experiences, and establishing new national and international contacts as well as new scientific networks within the "scientific community". Each PhD student must participate actively and at least two times in meetings and conferences with international speakers.