Phytochamber and Greenhouse

Contact: [link]Prof. Dr. Thomas Altmann

For phenotyping of different plant lines and species, the automated systems from Lemnatec are available at the IPK. Under controlled growth conditions, hundreds of individual plants of different sizes are cultivated, in a phytochamber or in greenhouses for non-invasive, automatic, precise and high throughput examination of various characteristics over the entire period of growth. The system allows to take images from top view and side view, using the technics of fluorescence, visible and near infrared imaging. Among other things, architectural traits and growth parameters, e.g. Leaf width or plant height, but also physiological traits, such as the chlorophyll content or water supply can be determined. An experiment takes four to six weeks. For more information see: [link]Small plants, [link]medium plants and [link]large plants.

Plant Cultivation Hall

Contact: [link]Prof. Dr. Thomas Altmann

The complementary LemnaTec based system at the IPK will be expanded in a Plant Cultivation Hall. On an almost 500 m² area, plants will be cultivated under field-like precisely adjustable environmental conditions, without undesigned external influences. This will allow to repeat experiments under highly reproducible conditions. In addition to a container system, a so-called rhizotron-system will be installed in the Plant Cultivation Hall which will allow both, phenotyping of shoot and root features.