Bioinformatics @ Department of Physiology & Cell Biology

Dr. Anja Hartmann


Within the Department of Physiology and Cell Biology and beyond, research activities are mainly focused on plant systems biology including modelling, analysis, simulation and visualization of biological processes using systems biology standards. Together with plant physiologists, molecular biologists, and biochemists complex scientific questions with respect to plant nutrition, growth and yield formation, the influence of biotic and abiotic stresses, and nutrient efficiency mechanisms are addressed. To support intuitive exploration and interpretation of multi-level omics data within the functional context, pipelines to infer biological networks and to integrate data into biological networks, such as regulatory and metabolic pathways are developed.

The main research objective is to infer the functional relationship of genes responsible for the changes in root system architecture and integrate nutrient signals into root development. In order to analyze such large scale data sets R scripts for linear modeling, clustering, enrichment analysis, and network inference approaches in combination with the integration of publicly available data sets, are developed.