Microscopy Core Facility


Microscopic investigations of biological objects are an integral part in most fields of life sciences. Within the IPK the research group “Structural Cell Biology” serves as the central facility for light- and electron-microscopy. Apart from own research the main themes of our group is to coordinate the use and service of the microscopic equipment. With ever increasing demands we aim to keep our instruments up to date and to offer and develop a broad spectrum of cytological and immunological methods to fit individual requests.


In the past, light- and electron microscopy have always been physically separated with little interaction between the disciplines. In our group the two disciplines are combined, which undoubtedly will increase the possibility of inter-disciplinary microscopical approach to the scientific questions. 


The recent purchase of a Zeiss ELYRA superresolution microscope (PALM and SR-SIM) in the workgroup Karyotype Evolution completes the outstanding microscopy facilities at the IPK Gatersleben



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