Arbuscular mycorrhizae

Besides the yeasts arbuscular mycorrhizae are also in the focus of the working group yeast genetics. These fungi form a symbiosis with 70-90% of all land plants improving the plants phosphate and nitrate uptake and protects from pathogens, salt and drought stress. After taxonomic classification the genomes of some of the biotechnologically relevant strains (e. g. Glomus irregulare) were analyzed by flow cytometry and fluorescence in situ hybridisation (FISH).


Over the years, the working group has isolated a collection of different species of mycorrhizal fungi and used them in different projects. For example, a cooperation project (BmBF) is currently underway in cooperation with Inoq GmbH, IPB Halle and the Applied Biochemistry Group of the IPK in order to improve the quality and taste of tomato plants in commercial cultivation by using arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi.