Trainings and teaching

In order to accomplish the entire work of the yeast genetics group with dedicated co-workers, intensive contacts exist to the Hochschule Anhalt, Applied Life Sciences in Köthen and the University Greifswald, Institute for Biochemistry.


Prof. Gotthard Kunze, head of the yeast genetics group and honorary professor at the Hochschule Anhalt in Köthen, is directly involved in the education of students of biotechnology, food technology and pharma technology. He lectures „Molecular Genetics“ and „Biosensors“ for bachelor students and „New Trends in Biotechnology“ for master students. Additionally, the representative of Prof. Kunze, Dr. Martin Giersberg acts as assistant lecturer for master students at the Hochschule Anhalt and lectures Proteomics. Further practical trainings are offered to students from Köthen and the best students are welcome to do bachelor, master and PhD theses. Prof. Kunze and Dr. Giersberg will mentor the work. Since 1991 more than 45 diploma, bachelor and master theses as well as 16 PhD theses were prepared in the group. Many projects are practice oriented and offer the possibility to get in touch with small and medium-sized enterprises as potential future employers.


On behalf of the Hochschule Anhalt Prof. Kunze and Dr. Giersberg coordinate and mentor all training courses, bachelor and master theses. During the last decade more than 100 students were involved in up to date research projects.


By linking research and education many dedicated and well trained students were offered interesting and practice oriented research projects as PhD students or post docs in the yeast genetics group. These high-class employments were funded by AIF, FNR, BMBF, BMWi, LSA, DBU, DLR and DAAD or the industry. First commercialised products (e.g. A-YES assay – quo data GmbH Dresden, enzyme compounds adenine deaminase and urate oxidase – ASA Spezialenzyme GmbH Wolfenbüttel) emphasise the success of the this research strategy.