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Filipe Borges

Hi everyone, a Post-Doc position is currently available in our group @ijpb_fr in Versailles to work on this project:… contact me directly if interested for more details, or please spread the word to potential candidates. Thanks!

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Hélène Pidon

The paper I co-wrote with Parastoo Hoseinzadeh is now submitted and live on @biorxivpreprint! "High resolution mapping of a Hordeum bulbosum-derived powdery mildew resistance locus in barley using distinct homologous introgression lines"…

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Paride Rizzo

The press release on our Hypericum paper is out. Thanks to the managing office of the IPK…

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Mary-Ann Blätke

@unibielefeld @CeBiTec @IPKGatersleben @eLife @BioNetworksbyAB Thanks a lot to @unibielefeld for spreading our research on our C4 modelling approach to reveal and investigate the impact of evolutionary factors.…

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Bielefeld University

Prof. Dr. Andrea Bräutigam @CeBiTec und @unibielefeld und Dr. Mary-Ann Blätke @IPKGatersleben haben ein Modell entwickelt, das zeigt, wie eine spezielle Form der Photosynthese evolutionär entstanden ist. @eLife @BioNetworksbyAB @MaryAnnBlaetke

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Mary-Ann Blätke

The numbers are even more worse in the background that @IPKGatersleben has more than 50% female #PhDstudents - where is all the female excellence going?

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Mary-Ann Blätke

Female Group Leaders at @IPKGatersleben you can contact: Dr. Manuela Nagel Dr. Marion Röder Dr. Ljudmilla Borisjuk Dr. Astrid Junker @AstridJunker Dr. Nadine Töpfer @NaToepfer The percentage (16%) of female group leaders looks more optimistic than the real number of five. 🤨

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Julius Kühn-Institut

Den Festvortrag beim InnoPlanta-Forum hält der Präsident des @IPKGatersleben, Prof. Andreas Graner, über "Moderne #Pflanzenzüchtung im Fadenkreuz von Innovation und Frustration". #Gentechnik #CRISPR

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Mary-Ann Blätke

During this year’s staff meeting at @IPKGatersleben, Gwendolin Schneider pushing #FEMPower to enhance #genderequalit. Only around 16% of group leaders are female, still no women at the directors level. New call for female future #PI is coming soon! @sachsenanhalt #WomenInSTEM

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Elisabeth Bik

The @RoyalSocBio, headquartered in London, have released a training course for biological #scientists called the Core Business for Biologists program ( Open to anyone globally who wants to develop their business acumen, especially #PhD's & #postdocs.

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PostDoc & Friends3rd of July, 2019 IPK Club
Plant Quiz @ Open Doors Day15th of June, 2019 Casino, Foyer
PostDoc & Friends4th of June, 2019 IPK Club
PostDoc & Friends11th of April, 2019 IPK Club
International Spring School "Computational Biology Starter"20th - 22nd of March, 2019 BIZ
The International Spring School "Computational Biology Starter" is a de.NBI trainings course organized by the IPK Postdoc Board for all how want to get started with bioinformatics and computational biology. Find more information [link]here
PostDoc & Friends6th of March, 2019 IPK Club
PostDoc & Friends22th of January, 2019 IPK Club
Exposé of the IPK Photo Calendar 2019 & Charity13th of December, 2018 IPK Xmas Market
PostDoc & Friends28th of November, 2018

IPK Club


Vernissage of the IPK Photo Calendar Contest12th of November, 2018

Casino, Foyer


PostDoc & Friends18th of October, 2018 IPK Club
PostDoc & Friends6th of September, 2018 IPK Club
PostDoc & Friends5th of July, 2018 IPK Club
1st PostDoc & Friends16th of May, 2018 IPK Club
PostDoc & Friends is a social event for all IPK employee and their families with the opportunity of professional networking. The idea is to encourage discussions while sharing some home-made food or cook/barbeque togehther.

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