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André Marques 🇧🇷🌟

Happy to meet/host our German colleagues from Houben's #chromosome structure and function lab from @IPKGatersleben in our collaborative work in the frame of PROBRAL @CAPES_Oficial /@DAAD_Germany 👩‍🔬👨‍🔬🔬😎

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Hélène Pidon

A postdoc in bioinformatocs is available in her lab! @IpkPostdocs

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Hélène Pidon

@karchuntan @IpkPostdocs look here if you are looking for a postdoc!

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Daniel S. Carvalho 🌈🇧🇷

Hi, plant biologists of Twitter, I draw plants for my figures (and for fun too 😆) and decided to make them available for anyone to use/modify as they like. They're on my @figshare page:… Below: soybean and teff.😃#scientificIllustration #plantBiology

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Interested in policies and regulatory frameworks for plant genetic resources? Four PGRIP fellowship now open for application @_SLU Alnarp. Maybe someone in #ICMPMI2019 interested?…

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Dr. Götz Hensel

A great start in the weekend :-) Finally I received our 'Zuwendungsbescheid' for a joint project between @IPKGatersleben and @NDissmeyer @IPB_Halle about recombinant protein accumulation in #barley. Happy for the PhD student @Pounehnsl who now can start.

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Dr. Götz Hensel

'Genebank genomics bridges the gap between the conservation of crop diversity and plant breeding' New article by Martin Mascher, @SchreiberMona @UweScholz271 and others from @IPKGatersleben in @NatureGenet…

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nico dissmeyer
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Andrea Bräutigam

Machine learning based network was originally published in the PGP repository at @IPKGatersleben with the Science paper if you want a look at the raw data, follow this link:… more convenient interface at @KnetMiner of course!…

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PostDoc & Friends3rd of July, 2019 IPK Club
Plant Quiz @ Open Doors Day15th of June, 2019 Casino, Foyer
PostDoc & Friends4th of June, 2019 IPK Club
PostDoc & Friends11th of April, 2019 IPK Club
International Spring School "Computational Biology Starter"20th - 22nd of March, 2019 BIZ
The International Spring School "Computational Biology Starter" is a de.NBI trainings course organized by the IPK Postdoc Board for all how want to get started with bioinformatics and computational biology. Find more information [link]here
PostDoc & Friends6th of March, 2019 IPK Club
PostDoc & Friends22th of January, 2019 IPK Club
Exposé of the IPK Photo Calendar 2019 & Charity13th of December, 2018 IPK Xmas Market
PostDoc & Friends28th of November, 2018

IPK Club


Vernissage of the IPK Photo Calendar Contest12th of November, 2018

Casino, Foyer


PostDoc & Friends18th of October, 2018 IPK Club
PostDoc & Friends6th of September, 2018 IPK Club
PostDoc & Friends5th of July, 2018 IPK Club
1st PostDoc & Friends16th of May, 2018 IPK Club
PostDoc & Friends is a social event for all IPK employee and their families with the opportunity of professional networking. The idea is to encourage discussions while sharing some home-made food or cook/barbeque togehther.

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