PostDoc Board Constitution


The purpose of the Post-Doc Board is to provide professional development opportunities for Post-Docs at the IPK and represent the interests of the Post-Doc Board within the IPK through meetings with the Board of Directors.


Anyone who is a Post-Doctoral Research Associate at the IPK may be a part of the Post-Doc Board. Current Ph.D. students at the IPK who are in the final stages of their Ph.D. (for example, if they have submitted their thesis/dissertation but have not yet defended) may also join the Post-Doc Board if they have been offered a Post-Doctoral position at the IPK since decisions made by the Post-Doc Board will impact their life at the IPK.


The Post-Doc Board shall meet at least twice per year, once in the spring and once in the fall. Further meetings may be called at the discretion of members of the Post-Doc Board to address issues that may arise. The purpose of the meetings will be to make decisions about activities of the Post-Doc Board. In order to be considered valid, quorum must be met at each meeting. This means that at least half of the current members of the Post-Doc Board must be present at each meeting OR if members cannot be present at a meeting, they may ask someone who will be present to vote in their interest for decisions.


The decision-making progress of the Post-Doc Board is intended to be a collaborative process based on a consensus among members. There is to be at least one Executive position, which is the Chair of the Post-Doc Board. This is a largely symbolic position meant to be the voice of the Post-Doc Board when communicating with individuals from outside the Post-Doc Board (for example, with members of the Ph.D. Student Board, the Board of Directors, the IPK Administration, or from outside the IPK in the case of inviting speakers to the IPK for events like the Summer School). If more than one person is interested in holding the position, there must be an election to determine who will get the position; however, the position may be held by a volunteer in the case of a lack of competition. If there is interest among members, other duties of the Chair may be delegated to others on the Post-Doc Board. A Treasurer (to manage finances), a Secretary (to keep track of Meeting Minutes), and/or a Webmaster (to manage the Website of the Post-Doc Board) may all be created in an effort to create opportunities for involvement in the Post-Doc Board. If there is no interested member, these duties will fall on the Chair of the Post-Doc Board.