Beagle Award

To honor the scientific and social merits of PhD students.

As Darwin was supported on his worldwide trip by his boat ‘HMS Beagle’ from 1831 to 1836, the Beagle Award is dedicated to supporting young scientists at the beginning of their career. It is an appreciation of the scientific work and social commitments that are of importance to modern scientists.

Since 2011 it is bestowed by the IPK Board of Directors and the PhD Student Board on an annual term at the Institute’s Day of IPK. 

Awardees since 2011

Beagle Award 2018:

Mona Schreiber

Beagle Award 2017:

Sebastian Beier

Beagle Award 2016:

Nadine Bernhardt

Beagle Award 2015:

Ravi Koppolu

Beagle Award 2014:

Marco Pellino

Beagle Award 2013:

Nicole Schmid, Dr. Martin Mau und Dr. Stefan Heckmann

Beagle Award 2012:

Dr. Mian Abdur Rehman Arif

Beagle Award 2011:

Dr. Manuela Nagel, Nicolai Nürk und Dr. Astrid Junker