The department for organization and finances is responsible for the organizational part of different events like the [link]Plant Science Student Conference, where PhD students from Leibniz-Institutes in Gatersleben and Halle come together. For this we need a conference room, advertising material, the catering or means of transportation between Halle and Gatersleben. Another task is the organization of study trips, where we visit different companies, fairs and institutions. Like everything, also these events cost money, so this department stays in contact with the finance administration of the institute.


The actuality of our webpage is ensured by the Student Board. You can find all information about the Student Board by clicking on the links on left side or at the highlighted links within in the individual articles of our website. If you are interested to support our work or if you have nice ideas for a study trip, please contact us.


We give interviews to the press, inform about our activities, and provide flyers, posters etc. We try to communicate with all colleagues about our work, and provide newcomers with information necessary to quickly settle in Gatersleben and the institute. The guide book of the Student Board is for all newcomers at the IPK and can be downloaded under [link]Help Desk.